Do your kids love creating art and telling stories? Exploring the magic of animation is one of the best ways for kids to create, learn and play - and keep busy!

Making animated videos at home is now easier and more accessible than ever. Learning to bring animated characters to life ignites the imagination and inspires children to experiment and explore endless storytelling possibilities. Creating animation also reinforces patience, attention to detail, and even some basic math and physics.

This five-part course will teach children a variety of stop-motion animation techniques using items and tech devices around the house, and a few inexpensive, easy-to-purchase supplies. 

Your kids will get hands-on with claymation and lego animation, and bring their drawings to life. They may even get to be a character themselves! Each activity will leave them with ideas for even more animation experimentation outside of class.

Course Details

  • Date: Five Tuesdays (7/6-8/3)

  • Time: 9:00am - 10:00am PT

  • Age group: 8-13 year olds

  • Fee: $105.00 per child 

Families love this class!

Exceeded expectations! 

"Alex's class is great! He structures the class wonderfully, where each lesson builds upon the next. My daughter not only learned about the elements of animation and how to create stories that come to life, but she also learned timing and math in the process. I highly recommend this class"

-Jessica G.

Fantastic course

"The class was fantastic!  My 8-year old learned a ton and had a great time!"

-Missy N. 


  • The basics of stop-motion animation

  • How to create clay animation characters and props

  • How to experiment with animating objects

  • Advanced animation techniques

  • Storytelling through animation

    …and so much more! 


  • A phone or tablet

  • Non-drying modeling clay

  • Aluminum foil

  • Pencil and Markers

  • Paper (and construction paper, if possible)

  • Tape

  • Legos (or similar)


Alex Salsberg

Alex Salsberg is a Boston-based independent filmmaker and illustrator who specializes in directing charming and dynamic animated work. 

In addition to his recent films “Curtis” and the award-winning "Class of 84,” Mr. Salsberg has created animation for networks like Nickelodeon, WGBH and MTV, institutions like The Peabody Essex Museum and Boston Children’s Hospital, and recording artists Utkarsh Ambudkar and Billy Ray Cyrus. Mr. Salsberg is most drawn to work that teaches, inspires and entertains. 

Mr. Salsberg’s passion for education has led him to design and teach animation classes to students of all ages. As an adjunct at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, he shares perspective and experience from his unique career path with seniors creating their own animated work. 

Mr. Salsberg’s greatest joy as a teacher is his work with elementary and middle school students, where he seeks to inspire a new generation of kids to fall in love with animated storytelling.