Your maternity leave is coming to an end and you are getting anxious about returning to work. You don’t want to be away from your little one but feel pressured to return to work. This push-pull conflict can be extremely overwhelming. This stress coupled with sleep deprivation and hormonal changes makes going to work challenging for most women.

The good news is that knowing what to expect those first weeks back can help smooth the transition. In this course with a psychologist who specializes in prenatal and postpartum mood concerns, such as depression and anxiety and learn about how to cope with the roller coaster of emotions you may experience along the way.

What you will learn

  • Why the “return to work” causes worries to spike
  • Strategies to prep for the big day
  • Cultivating support
  • Self-care 

Intended Audience

New parents who are on parental leave.

Juli Fraga, PsyD

Dr. Fraga is a psychologist in San Francisco where she specializes in women's health concerns, including prenatal and postpartum depression. She completed her pre-doctoral and post-doctoral clinical training at the University of California, Berkeley where she worked in student mental health. She also completed additional training in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of prenatal and postpartum mood concerns, such as depression and anxiety.

As someone with a deep understanding of the life change motherhood brings, Dr. Fraga also works with women who are under-mothered and women who have lost their mothers. Juli is on the medical advisory board for BabyCenter and a regular health writer whose work has appeared in the Washington Post, The New York Times, The Guardian, and Quartz.