Abracadabra Magic Club for Kids is an exclusive online group for children aged 8 to 16 years, who are either students of magic or are looking to learn magic tricks in a safe and supportive friendly environment.

This magic club offers children an adaptive and appealing afternoon activity, one that channels their energy into a sort of virtuoso performance in a small group (it might be a little bit nerdy, too). The club meets for about an hour every alternate Wednesday afternoon. Each meeting includes learning a simple trick that children then practice and perform for everyone. Drop in when you can!

It’s an incredible opportunity for young magicians to socialize with other magicians and to learn directly from the masters of magic, Kayla Drescher and Harrison Lampert!


Magic Club Details

  • Days: Alternate Wednesdays (next session Dec 16)

  • Time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm PT

  • Age group: 8-16 year olds (age based breakout groups)

  • Fee: $10 per child per session


Kids will learn several magic tricks but remember, magic is more than just knowing ‘the secret.’ Being a good magician means you not only know how to execute the moves without revealing the secret but it also means turning those moves into a magical performance for others.

This club will make children figure out how they are going to perform the trick for an audience, what story they are going tell to enhance their performance? How are they going to hold their audience’s attention?

Kids love Kayla & Harrison!

Fiona loves this magic club! 

"My daughter Fiona learned so much in this class. She loves magic but was starting to drift away from it. It was really great to see her practicing the tricks and gaining confidence. Kayla and Harrison are wonderful, patient, and kind teachers that are skilled at teaching young students. My daughter had a great time and learned so much. We will absolutely be enrolling in future classes and telling our friends to do the same."

- Jessica G.

A fun learning activity 

"Looking for a little magic in your life? Look no further.. If you have kids and want them to learn something productive, Kayla and Harrison are awesome!"

- Holly L.


  • A deck of cards (any kind will do)

  • A pen/pencil

  • A piece of tissue, paper towel, toilet paper, or scrap paper

  • Things around the house (tape, glue, coins, a small bag or purse, etc.)


Kayla Drescher & Harrison Lampert

Harrison and Kayla, both professional magicians, have been doing magic each for over 20 years. Originally from the east coast, they have honed their magic skills performing for audiences, both live and virtual, of one person to 5,000.

You might know Kayla from her appearances on “The Today Show”, “Access Hollywood”, “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”, or “Ventaneando”-Mexico’s biggest talk show. She currently performs in the world-touring show, Champions of Magic.

You may know Harrison from his appearances on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”, “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” with Jim Carrey, his recurring role in “Ghosted” with Craig Robinson and Adam Scott, or his street-magic performance in “American Housewife”. Harrison is a long-time student at the Groundlings Theater and performed for three seasons in the Groundlings’s Sunday Company. He has performed for three years in the “Not Inappropriate Show” at the UCB Theater in Los Angeles.

Both Harrison and Kayla are regular performers at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. They also both teach in the Magic Castle University program. They have taught at Tannen’s Magic Camp, various after school programs, camps, and schools. Their focus as teachers of magic is not only mastery of the trick and sleight of hand, but adding the performance aspect around everything you do. As students, you’ll learn how to add your own creative spin to every trick you do-a valuable skill for all of life.


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