You spend a good deal of time with your partner doing routine activities, but have you tried learning something new together like Magic?

Join us for a fun-filled, magical hour of fun last Friday night of the month with Kayla Drescher and Harrison Lampert. Learn simple magic tricks with cards, coins, tissue and other common objects. Minimal dexterity required. 

Learning to do a few simple tricks and sharing secret moves together is fun and a wonderful way to create happy memories you'll always cherish. And, you'll definitely impress your kids and friends, the next time you meet them! 

*Please email us at info@inceptive.co for workshops for private groups. 

Session Details

  • Date: Usually last Friday of the month (next session April 23)

  • Time: 8:00pm - 9:00pm PT

  • Fee: $30 per couple ($15 per person) per session

Couples love this magic club!

5 stars, would do again! 

"The whole workshop was so fun. My wife and and I tried the tricks out on her family yesterday. We both messed up :) but we loved showing them off and our family got a kick out of it. The instructors were so friendly and funny and it was nice to meet the other couples too. 5 stars, would do again!"

-Trevor B.

Far surpassed expectations!

"For starters, 'magic' is something I thought of as dumb, boring or just plain silly. I didn't understand why people liked magic shows and I certainly had no interest in learning magic myself. But, my husband has always been a fan of magic and attending this virtual session was a favor to him. Call me a convert!

Not only did I find a new love for the skill, but have found myself making magic videos to send to my nieces and nephews. Not only was the virtual workshop fun, light-hearted and a great date-night activity, I am now far more competent and confident in my skills as an amateur magician. I highly recommend for parents and couples, and anyone looking for a fun virtual experience."

-Keely A.


  • A deck of cards (any kind will do)

  • A pen/pencil

  • A piece of tissue, paper towel, toilet paper, or scrap paper

  • Things around the house


  • Find someone’s selected card amongst the entire deck

  • Vanish a small object with the wave of a wand

  • How to misdirect your audience’s attention to do a secret move

  • And fun and happy memories! 


Kayla DrescherHarrison Lampert

Harrison and Kayla, both professional magicians, have been doing magic each for over 20 years. Originally from the east coast, they have honed their magic skills performing for audiences, both live and virtual, of one person to 5,000.

You might know Kayla from her appearances on “The Today Show”, “Access Hollywood”, “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”, or “Ventaneando”-Mexico’s biggest talk show. She currently performs in the world-touring show, Champions of Magic.

You may know Harrison from his appearances on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”, “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” with Jim Carrey, his recurring role in “Ghosted” with Craig Robinson and Adam Scott, or his street-magic performance in “American Housewife”. Harrison is a long-time student at the Groundlings Theater and performed for three seasons in the Groundlings’s Sunday Company. He has performed for three years in the “Not Inappropriate Show” at the UCB Theater in Los Angeles.

Both Harrison and Kayla are regular performers at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. They also both teach in the Magic Castle University program. They have taught at Tannen’s Magic Camp, various after school programs, camps, and schools. Their focus as teachers of magic is not only mastery of the trick and sleight of hand, but adding the performance aspect around everything you do. As students, you’ll learn how to add your own creative spin to every trick you do-a valuable skill for all of life.

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