This class is based on our live chat and Q&A with clinical psychologists and child development specialists and co-founders of Symbio, Dr. Noelle Cochran and Dr. Lele Diamond and professor and clinical psychologist, Dr. Michael Connor.

Course curriculum

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    Let's get started!

    • Introduction

    • Message from Dr. Michael Connor

    • Parenting against racism simple guidelines

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    • What age should we start talking about race/racism?

    • How to explain the protest and violence to a 6 year old?

    • How do you explain to kids what has happened without making them feel that the world isn’t safe?

    • How do you explain to kids the violence that has happened at some protests?

    • Can you model a conversation between a non-black 10 year old and a black adult, explaining this injustice?

    • How do you help your white kids reconcile with their preconceived notion that police are safe/cool when current (and historical) events prove otherwise?

    • How do you explain white privilege and white supremacy to kids?

    • How do you handle situations such as when your child points to a Black man at the grocery store and says, “His skin is dirty”?

    • Is it okay for a 9-year old and very sensitive child to the video of George Floyd’s arrest?

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    Other resources

    • The Mosaic Project: Open Letter to the Community

    • White History Class and Community Forum


Dr. Noelle Cochran, PsyD

Noelle Cochran is a clinical psychologist who specializes in infant and toddler mental health. 

Dr. Cochran  holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University.

Dr. Michael Connor, PhD

Michael Connor is a clinical psychologist who specializes in racial-cultural diversity and parenting-child development issues. 

Dr. Connor was one of the founding members of the Black Caucus of the American Psychological Association and holds a doctorate University of Hawaii.

Dr. Lele Diamond, PsyD

Lele Diamond is a clinical psychologist who specializes in child development, individual and couple mental health.

Dr. Diamond holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and a masters in counseling psychology.